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A Muir Alaskan Adventure

6 Days Sailing Glacier Bay National Park

$2,800 – $3,400 per person – $500 deposit – April 2018

  • Franziska – Germany

    Franziska – Germany

    If I would have to grade this tour, I would give it a A++! I can't even find the right words to describe it... 20160413_GlacierBay_Sailing_Day4-1045_webThey really did everything to make the trip as perfect as it was, including a
    professional photographer and an incredibly good cook and baker (I probably gained a few pounds, but the food was too good to stop 😉 Read more.

  • Kara K

    Kara K

    We had an incredible 6 days sailing through Glacier Bay National Park. We did this trip in April before all the cruise ships arrive for the season, it was so peaceful. We did not see another boat the entire time. We saw tons of wildlife- black and brown bears, killer & humpback whales, porpoises, and seals to name a few. We also did some amazing hikes, and paddled around the icebergs at John Hopkins glacier ... I highly recommend this tour for anyone that wants to get off the beaten path and experience Alaska in a way that so few get to do. Read more.

  • James – Idaho

    James – Idaho

    My wife and I have been booking 'adventure travel' excursions all over the world for more than 35 years, 20160413_GlacierBay_Sailing_Day4-1058and our week in Glacier Bay, Alaska ... was one of the very richest experience we've ever had. Sea kayaking, rafting, snow-shoeing, hiking and viewing prolific wildlife in this spectacular environment without another soul around was a high point of our traveling lifetimes. Read more.


  • Discover a side of Glacier Bay National Park few people get to see
  • Perfect for groups of diverse fitness levels and interests
  • See powerful glaciers from land and sea
  • Learn some basic to advanced sailing skills
  • Explore land by hiking or snowshoeing
  • Paddle through icebergs and meander the shoreline
  • Relax and watch the scenery pass by
  • Small group size – maximum of 6
  • All meals included
  • Flight to or from Gustavus from Juneau
  • Free professional photos captured of you by your guide

Follow in the footsteps of the great explorer and father of the national parks service, John Muir. Discover the the less traveled side of Glacier Bay National Park through the joy of exploration and experience where Muir found his inspiration among the glaciers. See how the land has changed over time and how it continues to be transformed today by the powerful force of ice. Escape the crowds, cruise ships, and almost anyone else for the duration of the tour to truly hear what Muir heard. Feel what he felt. And enjoy the change that the ice brings.

Discover the optimal experience with a small group of explorers delving deep into the wilderness of the park. Under the trusty direction of Captain Hoock and your knowledgeable Adventure Flow guide you will embark on an adventure beyond words. Wake up to the sounds of the wild and the scent another adventure brewing. Enjoy meals fit to fuel any epic ahead of you made by your Captain, guide, or even yourself if you’re inclined. Fish, paddle, hike, photograph, or view the wild that appears before you. By time you are done, we know you’ll have a few stories to share with anyone you meet, and memories you’ll cherish, and a yearning to return before you’ve even left

Day 1 — Juneau

  • Get an early morning start out of Auke Bay in Juneau, Alaska. Watch the hustle and bustle of cars, boats, planes and people slowly fade as you round the corner for the beginning of your adventure. Get to know Captain Hoock and his crew as you learn the ropes of sailing and get acquainted with the wild that is Southeast Alaska. As the S/V Arcturus rounds Point Retreat of Admiralty Island, known as fortress of the bears, you may begin to feel small as you cruise over 2,000 ft of water in the Lynn Canal at the foot of 7,000 ft peaks of the Chilkat Mountains. With good wind we will set sail and quietly glide toward Glacier Bay. By evening we will pull up to Bartlett Cove.

Day 2 — Beartrack Cove

  • We will enjoy breakfast on our way to the Beardslee Islands in the mouth of Glacier Bay. From here we can get off and paddle through the islands to enjoy the beautiful shorelines with a backdrop of incredible mountains peaks. That night we will harbor in Beartrack bay and listen for the sound of wolves, owls, and other wildlife. If you haven’t had enough paddling, and the weather is permitting, and moonlight paddle after dinner is a wonderful way to wrap up the day.

Day 3 — Wachusett

  • Relax for a day with a late start and cruise along some of the park’s less visited shoreline where Muir glacier covered the land when famous naturalist John Muir visited the bay in 1879. We will slowly meander along the mountains and into Wachusett Inlet for a leisurely paddle among the towering fjord walls that once held a branch of the Carroll Glacier not that long ago.

Day 4 — Muir Inlet and McBride Glacier lagoon

  • Breakfast is served while cruising to the end of Muir Inlet. We will be ticking off the years of retreat through the fjord as we cover photography techniques for capturing the sheer grandeur of the rock walls and glacier valleys. In the afternoon we will hop off the Arcturus at McBride Glacier to Paddle among icebergs and see the deep blues and shifting ice in the bottleneck of the tide. That evening will anchor at the end of the Muir Inlet.

Day 5 — Muir Glacier

  • Take a day to relax or adventure deep in the wild of Glacier bay at the end of Muir Inlet. Find your way across the moraine and face to face with the last remnants of the namesake glacier that sparked the fire within John Muir himself and would eventually lead to the booming tourism, expanding outdoor recreation and ultimately the conservation movement. Nestled far back in the inlet you can breathe deeper for one last night before returning to civilization.

Day 6 — Gustavus

  • Our last day in Glacier Bay is a slow cruise out to Gustavus recounting stories and soaking up the last of this majestic area. In Gustavus we will offload from the boat and catch a flight back to Juneau covering the tremendous country you spent the last 6 days in from the air. Feel the full experience of the land, air and sea.

There are three different sleeping berths on the S.V. Arcturus. There is a minimum of 2 people per booking.

Master Bedroom: $3,400 per person

State Room: $3,100 per person

Bunk Room: $2,800 per person

All prices include: 

  • Meals, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages *
  • Most activity gear (ask for specifics on activities you are interested in)
  • Professional guide
  • Sailing captain
  • Airplane ticket between Juneau and Gustavus (or vice-versa)

Prices do not include:

  • Rain gear
  • Ankle high rubber boots (these are essential in Alaska)
  • Fishing license (however, is purchasable on board the boat)
  • Transportation and land accommodations before and after your trip.
  • Alcoholic beverages. You may purchase your own alcohol prior to departure. We do provide non-alcoholic mixers.
  • Gratuities

* We provide all meal ingredients, however, we do encourage participation from passengers in helping with food preparation and clean up.

Difficulty: Varies – This tour can vary based on the groups interest. Being at sea is usually calm and enjoyable. A stroll along the beach or a short paddle is relaxing. However, an 8 hour hike or paddle can be very difficult no matter what terrain you are covering. We adapt the difficulty to you.

What wildlife will I see?

This is not a wildlife tour and wildlife is wild for a reason, so we do not guarantee any sightings. However, wildlife that could be seen are bald eagles, mountain goats, wolves, otters, porcupine, and murrelets, scoters, cormorants, and many many others.

Will I see a bear?

Bears do thrive in this area and stroll the beaches from time to time, but it largely depends on winter whether they will be out or not. There is a chance of stumbling into one while out exploring. Your guide is trained in proper bear safety protocol and carries bear spray at all times.

How difficult is the terrain?

The places we will get off to explore have no trails. Sometimes it can be flat along the beach or streams, but dense and downed trees make a short distance take hours. Walking along rocky terrain or glacial moraine brings its own difficulties of slick rock or sink pits. Much of the terrain very quickly gains elevation which can make hikes very difficult. Luckily in the spring there is little bush whacking as long as you stick to the forest. However, with so much area to choose from our guide can find something to fit your activity level.

Can I bring my own gear?

Yes! You will need to. We supply food, bedding, dry suits, paddle equipment, and the kitchen sink, but if you have something specific you want to bring, contact us so we can make it happen. We will have a few odds and ends, but otherwise, you will need to bring you own boots, shoes, cloths, sun glasses, gloves, and hats.

How close will I get to a glacier?

This can be largely dependent on ice flow, snow, and weather conditions, but most of the time we can get within a stones throw, if not touching it.

What is the weather like?

Temperatures in the spring can range greatly from mid 20’s to mid 50°F typically. Juneau rains on average 62 inches per year with more rain coming in the later summer compared to spring and early summer. Conditions in fjords can vary greatly from one to the next depending on the amount of ice and the weather systems. It could be snowing one day, sunny the next, and rainy the day after. Prepare for cool weather and rain. Best to err on the side of cold, these are glaciers we are going to see.

Does my cell phone work in Juneau?

Maybe. AT&T and Verizon are the only two providers who support Juneau. Neither Sprint or T-Mobile users will have service here unless they are roaming. Once we leave Juneau, service will be spotty at best, and mostly non-existent. We are going to the wilderness after al!

What are these free photos you offer?

We believe you should stay focused on the nature and beauty of Alaska and not have to worry about taking photos. We want to keep you in the present moment. Your guide is a talented photographer, naturalist, historian, and all around good human being. Sticking with the photography part, your guide takes photos throughout your entire time exploring. We’ll get the best angles for your perfect Instagram post, Facebook update, or for hanging in your hallway at home. A week after your tour, we email you a web link where you can view and download all of the photos we shot. They are yours to use however you wish at no additional cost.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Packing for a long trip like this can be difficult, but the best thing to do is to expect rain. We recommend 2 layers plus a waterproof jacket each day for hiking. When we are paddling you will have dry suits, and one layer will be good underneath. This could be a t-shirt, long-sleeve base layer, and rain jacket, but none of them should be cotton! Just remember, cotton kills. Materials such as polyester, nylon, wool, or other wicking material that do not retain moisture are best. These material suggestions go for pants too. Consider wearing rain pants should conditions call for it. Comfortable cotton clothes are ok for hanging around the boat, just know that if they get wet, they will probably stay wet for the duration of the trip, this is a moist environment.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! If you book a full 6 people on the boat, you get 10% off.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes! You can charter the whole boat with a Captain and guide. From there we can customize a tour to hit the top spots on your list. Call us if you are interested.

What is your refund policy? 

See our refund policy by clicking here.

What if the tour is late returning and I miss transport home?

While weather can delay our time on the water some times, we build the elements into our return times. We guarantee you will make it back for yours. In the event this does happen and we are at fault, we provide you with accommodations, food, and flight to where you need to go to be back on schedule. Please feel free to contact us ahead of time to verify scheduling of the tour and your departure. We encourage planning one extra day in Juneau at the beginning and end of your tour.

What if my plane or ferry is delayed getting to Juneau?

Please notify us ASAP if you know you are going to be late. Contact numbers are listed in your booking details which you can call or text. We will rearrange the schedule if possible to accommodate your changed arrival time. We suggest giving yourself a day padding if possible on either side to avoid tight connections. Plus Juneau is a pretty cool place all by itself. If we are unable to change the schedule, you will be fully refunded the cost of your ticket.

What if my tour is cancelled by Adventure Flow due weather or other reason?

If Adventure Flow cancels your tour, we will refund you 100% the cost of your ticket.

Do I need to print my ticket?

We recommend printing the email confirmation we send you because it has detailed instructions for your tour. However, we store your booking information in our database and we will not ask you for any ticket.

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