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Join us as passionate guides take you a step away from the crowds and inspire you with all that Juneau has to offer.

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Learn The Little Stories That Make Life Here Unique

Take In The Sights At An Intimate Level

Settle Down With Great Alaskan Beer & Ghost Stories

Historical Walking Tour

Difficulty: Easy

There is a lot more to Juneau than meets the eye. This walking tour takes you into it’s story and you discover what makes this town the paradise locals love waking up in.

Step Into the Peacefulness of Southeast Alaska

Lose Sight of Time & Gain Insight of the Wild

Any Person, Any Skill Level ... Capture Your Best Picture Yet

Smartphone Photography & Hiking Tour

Difficulty: Easy

Roll up to an Alaskan natural wonder, Mendenhall Glacier. Pull out your smartphone, tablet, or any other camera and learn how to capture the story of our beautiful wilderness.

Adventure Away From The Crowd

Life Is More Fun On The Trails

One Word For This Adventure


Adventure Hiking Tour

Difficulty: Moderate

Join a small group up Juneau’s West Glacier trail. This hiking tour moves you through lush temperate rainforest and discover a beauty you have never seen on any other trail: Mendenhall Glacier.

Not Just Another Tour

Small Groups - Know Your Guide

Know Your Guide

Let’s be honest. Small groups are better. Our tours are limited to ten individuals. This allows quality time for you to interact with your guide and other guests. Much more conducive for taking in the big nature of Juneau.

A Little Flow Goes A Long Way

The flow state is when you feel your best and perform your best. It is the basis of our company values, and we believe each person should have flow on their side. Recent research shows flow states are when we are happiest, and we strive to bring flow into every excursion. Learn more about flow here & here.

Free Pro Photos For These Special Times

It’s our gift to you. Free professional photographs to show your friends and family back home. Our guides are all talented photographers. Hone in on the “now” and let us capture the beauty of the moment for you. This example gallery demonstrates just how wonderful quality photos are. Your future gallery is downloadable and free to use however you wish.

Not booking a tour through the cruise is generally a little more complicated but Pat and Eric made it super convenient and easy.